Friday, April 28, 2017

A New Book About
Christie Films Silent Movie Comedian

The Tale of a Misfit Sailor

Billy Dooley: The Misfit Sailor is a new book about comedian William (Billy) Beachey Dooley, who spent 27 of his 44-year short life entertaining audiences on stage on the big screen, usually playing his silly character Goofy Gob, the slapstick sailor. Author Kevin Scott Collier looks into the life and career of Dooley beginning on March 28, 1893 with his birth in Chicago, growing up without a father, touring with his brother and sister in vaudeville, and being signed with Christie Comedy Films from 1925-29 making many silent two-reelers. It explores Dooley's collapsed and short marriage to Helen Storey, his bouts with anxiety and anger, and his transition to talking pictures relegating him to cameos and mostly diminished roles.

The 60 page book features dozens of photos, and a complete motion picture guide. A mostly forgotten entertainer, Dooley has gained somewhat of a following in recent times with renewed interest in the silent film area and historic preservation and reissuing of these movies to a new generation of fans.

Billy Dooley DVD from Grapevine Video
Contains 87 minutes of material!
A Misfit Sailor (1925), Shore Shy (1926), A Briny Boob (1926), Dizzy Sights (1927), Sailor Beware (1927), The Dizzy Diver (1928) and Crazy Goings (1929)
$12.95 from Amazon

Grapevine to issue a 2nd Dooley DVD

Grapevine Video reports that they are working on a second volume of completely different Billy Dooley shorts that will be released on DVD in the future. "It's still in the early stages," Jason Hardy of Grapevine reports. "We still have to run each short and verify the quality is decent then we need to get the selected shorts scored." Grapevine could not speculate on a release date but it is in the pipeline! Click here to visit Grapevine Video online.

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